Tv/Webisode [Partial List]


Relative Insanity (Episode Intro)

The Bachelor Pad

The Bachelorette

The Bachelor

Bachelor in Paradise

Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

Preachers of L.A.


Alien Encounters 2

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

ABC's Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

Real Housewives of Miami

The Amazing Race

Bad Girls Club

Venice Beach Freakshow

Great Christmas Light Fight

Southern Nights

Proving Ground

True Life

Robot Combat League

Treasure Detectives

Miami Monkey

Best Funeral Ever

Snapped: Killer Couples

Welcome to Myrtle Manor

We Should Have Eloped

Fish Mavericks


Fat and Furious: Rolling Thunder

Homicide Hunter Lt. Joe Kenda

My First Home

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Beast of the Bayou

The Profit

Chef's Table

My Friends Call Me Johnny

TRDWTR Motion Comic(Web)

Access Hollywood

American Greed

MTV Challenge


E! News

Fear Factor

Fatal Attractions

Friday Night Tykes

Hair Goddess

Hunting Hitler

JFK Declassified 

Master Chef Junior








TRDWTR Graphic Novel Trailer

Gemstone Knights Trailer

Verizon Intranet

Beano "Do's and Don'ts"

New York Yankees Animated Greeting Card

Morey's Piers Theme Park Internal Presentation

Acme Mobile Products Holiday Greeting Card

Murra Business School

Viking Cruise Lines (Burma)

Charles Schwab “Flow State”

Generation Rochas Promotion




Identity - Composer

Great is Our Sin - Composer

What's the Matter Skeeter Jones -Composer

Jackie The Cleaner - Composer

Buring Matches - Composer

Ghost in the Family - Additional Music

Der letzte Sommertag - Additional Music



Games/Interactive Media


Fairy Village (Game)

Red Dot Corp. Thinking(Educational Apps)

Gemstone Knights(Audio Book)


Live Exhibition/Theatrical Productions


Holiday Sky Live at Adler Planetarium

Being We the People